Family Temple in Bali

family temple
ceremony in a family temple

What's Family Temple in Bali?

Bali known as an island with a thousand temples. therefore, it’s easy to find temples in every area in Bali with their respective functions. Based on its function, there is one type of temple that we can easily find in every Hindu people’s home. This temple is called the family temple or Sanggah Kemulan in Balinese.

Family Temple is a temple that is more special, for certain families. In every Hindu people’s home, they are required to have a family temple. In general, family temple has a more specific function, such as a place of worship for the spirits of ancestors who have been purified by religious ceremonies and are considered to have united with the Sang Hyang Tri Ҫakti (Brahma, Vishnu, Ҫiwa). And of course it’s also to worship to the Almighty God.

The family temple or in Bali people call as Sanggah Kemulan, the word Sanggah (Sanggar) contains several meanings:

1. Sanggah: or also called Sanggar means group in this case group/collections of Pelinggih (sacred buildings)
2. Sanggah: Support, Guide, leading towards God.
And the word Kemulan comes from the word Mula which can be interpreted as capital.

And usually after getting married and having their own house, families in Bali will create their own family temple. but when they can’t afford a house, their family temple is still with their parents. and to represent their family temple, they will make a special place in their bedroom something called Plangkiran or Pelangkiran.

temple in bali
Plangkiran or Pelangkiran
bali family temple

Our family temple ceremony located northeast in our property. Northeast is the most sacred direction in Bali as we treat the volcano (north) and sun’s rising (east) as sacred things in Bali.

family temple in Bali

The main ceremony for every single temple or sacred buildings, places or even Balinese are celebrated mostly every 6 months in Bali calendar.

family temple

Our temple attires for temple ceremony in Bali are mainly white and yellow as its represent our God symbol/color. 

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