Bali Purification Ceremony

What's Purification Ceremony in Bali?

Bali known as an island in Indonesia with Hindu as their main religion. Therefore, in Bali will be easy to find many beautiful temples with rich historical value. And every single temple is dedicated for different function based on the history itself. However, from all temples only some of it has a common purification’s spot.

One of the most unique temple in Bali is the one that has spring water that we believe as holy water. This holy water we use as part of the blessings during a ceremony and for purification/cleansing.

Purification ceremony is a process of cleaning our body and mind by washing ourselves under the holy water channel or cascade. Hindu people in Bali treat this ceremony to get rid of negative spirits, calm down our body and mind and be grateful to the universe.

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purification temple
Sebatu Temple
Purification temple
Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple located at Tampak Siring village around 40 minutes drive from Ubud central area.

As the most visited temple in Gianyar Regency, this temple offered a stunning temple atmosphere, rich historical value and beautiful purification area.

However, to begin the process of purification, people need to know what to do to avoid a mistake. Get your guide to explain and lead the ceremony or please contact Stunning Bali Tours for your assistance.

Note ; Women during period are not allowed to entering any temple in Bali. for further information, click below!

Taman Beji Griya waterfall located at Jl. Mawar, Punggul, Abiansemal,
Badung Regency around an hour away northern Seminyak or Canggu areas.

A sacred waterfall located in this place as part of the purification process. This place provided offerings, sarongs and a priest who lead the whole ceremony.

Other than 3 temple we mentioned above, we able to recommend a purification temple based on your location.

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Taman Beji Waterfall
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